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Huixian Hengrui Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hengrui Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.) is a professional high-level service provider of centrifugal casting copper parts in China. Its products include copper bushing, copper bushing, copper bushing, copper liner, copper slide plate, copper turbine, copper nut, oil-free bearing, graphite bushing, wear-resistant slide plate, etc., involving collar. Domain includes mining machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, ship heavy industry, water conservancy heavy industry, high-end CNC lathe, high-end CNC bearing equipment, automobile manufacturing and other fields.


Huixian Hengrui Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hengrui Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.) is located in Huixian City, Henan Province, a national tourist city. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on centrifugal casting of copper parts, research and development of new materials, and development of continuously improved centrifugal casting technology. It is committed to the promotion and application of new products and new fields. To meet the needs of customers, continuous improvement, innovation and improvement. Processing mode has also changed from general lathe processing equipment to CNC lathe cutting and high precision CNC machining center, which ensures the production and manufacture of high-grade mechanical products. Complete quality assurance system, high precision testing instruments and complete testing means ensure stable and excellent product quality.

Corporate Vision: Become a Benchmark for the Industry

Hengrui Nonferrous Group is based on the development and manufacture of copper products with a long-term vision; it develops harmoniously with the concept of sustainable development, honesty and responsibility, and the concept of common growth, and sets an example for continuous innovation.

With market demand as the center and advanced manufacturing technology as the backing, we spare no effort in product innovation and constantly improve product quality to meet the market demand of sustainable development. Relying on the perfect manufacturing technology, we pursue the perfect service quality, and bring the perfect experience beyond satisfaction to our customers.

Adhere to the strategy of sustainable development, unremittingly promote the healthy, balanced and coordinated development of enterprises, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of enterprises.

We should insist on scientific decision-making and continuous operation and innovation to ensure the level of profits for the continuous growth of enterprises, so as to win long-term and stable returns on investment.

Enterprise Spirit: Professionalism, Honesty, Realism, Enterprising, Collaboration and Innovation

Professionalism - Handling everything in work with professional knowledge, professional skills and professional spirit.

Honesty - Sincerity, honesty and trustworthiness.

Realism - the spirit of seeking truth from facts. Not floating, not faraway, down-to-earth to do every little thing.

Enterprising - Dreaming, longing, there is enterprising spirit, there is also a driving force for progress. Continuous progress in learning, continuous improvement of professional competence in work practice, towards the goal.

Collaboration - The good operation of enterprises should have the spirit of cooperation and cooperation, so as to create a harmonious and healthy working environment for enterprises.

Innovation - technological innovation, product innovation, application innovation. Continuous pursuit of innovation, so that innovation bears fruitful fruit, achieve excellence, win competition!

Service Purpose: Create Value by Careful Service

For the customer's pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service, the intention is to think what the customer wants and seek common development with the customer.