Reducing the failure rate of double crusher is effective and direct from two aspects

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With the continuous development of the market, Hengrui Machinery has grasped more market opportunities, accumulated rich production experience, and greatly improved its strength. Dual crusher has won the trust of the vast number of users in the market, reliable quality, flexible application, very simple operation, convenient maintenance, fast, in line with market standards, and is also the pursuit of the majority of users. As a manufacturer of double crusher, Hengli Machinery strictly requires itself in production, and takes the requirements of customers as its goal. Basic factors of production, as our production objectives, to show our magnificent stage with high-quality materials, to meet the needs of high standards in the market.

For double crusher, in order to reduce the failure rate, we must start from two aspects: first, grasp the correct operation mode of crushing equipment, and directly prevent the occurrence of failure. Second, pay attention to maintenance, which can also reduce the frequency of failure. Many users know how to operate the double crusher correctly, but they often neglect the maintenance of the double crusher. So let's look at the problem that the double crusher pays attention to maintenance and reduces the frequency of failure.

1. The bearing of double crusher should be checked frequently. The bearing bears all the loads of the machine. Therefore, good lubrication has a great influence on the life of the bearing. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the equipment. Therefore, the lubricant injected must be clean and the seal must be good. When bearing oil temperature rises, the cause of stop check should be eliminated immediately.

2. Wheel hoops of newly installed equipment are prone to loosening and must be checked regularly.

3. In peacetime work, attention should be paid to whether the work of each part of the equipment is normal.

4. If there is an impact sound in the running of the rotating gear, stop and check it immediately, and eliminate it.

5. In order to avoid serious accidents, the movable bearing can't move on the chassis when the machine encounters materials that can't be broken.

6. Attention should be paid to inspecting the wear degree of wearable parts and replacing the worn parts at any time.