Correct operation of cone crusher feeding and troubleshooting

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Cone crusher is a kind of common crushing machinery and equipment in mine crushing and stone crushing. The correct feeding mode determines that the equipment will not be blocked during operation. So how should we deal with the situation when the feeding part of cone crusher is blocked?

Due to the uneven grain size of feeding material, the transition between feeding hopper and feeding outlet forms a right angle, especially when the dry and wet degree of ore changes, it will cause blockage. The correct feeding mode is combined with the distributor of cone crusher. The feeding box will help to ensure that the fully mixed material is uniform along the whole crushing chamber. Distribution. Segregation of fine and coarse materials should be kept to a minimum to minimize liner wear. Regardless of the type of cone crusher, if the material condition is not ideal, it is recommended to screen before crushing.

In addition to screening before crushing, iron removal equipment should be installed near the equipment to prevent metal from falling and causing blockage. It is suggested that an inclined arc liner be added to the front face of the hopper to make the material fall to the arc liner and slide freely into the opening along the liner. The discharging chamber of cone crusher should be provided with inspection holes for cleaning and inspection. The discharging chamber is equipped with partitions to withstand the impact of falling ore. The baffle absorbs most of the impact force that materials fall before the transport equipment, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment.